HP f150

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Technical characteristics and specs

General characteristics
Action camera: yes;
Media type: rewritable memory (Flash);
Supports high-definition video (HD): yes;
Maximum video resolution: 1280x720;
The wide mode video: yes;
Matrix type: CMOS;
The number of matrices: 1;
Matrix: 1 MP;
The physical size of the matrix: 1/4";
Aperture: F2.2;
Image stabilizer: no;
LCD screen: no;
Viewfinder: no;
Recording formats: 720p;
Maximum frame rate when shooting HD video: 30 fps at a resolution of 1280x720;
Additional possibilities: recording in H.264;
Photo mode
Photo mode: yes;
Interfaces and media
Interfaces: USB interface, Wi-Fi;
Recording on a memory card: yes;
Additional information
Design: remote control;
Dimensions (WxHxD): 48x48x17 mm;
Weight: 38 g;
Features: the viewing angle of 100 degrees, support for memory cards microSD;
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