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Sea & Sea YS-15 auto

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Technical specifications and characteristics

General characteristics
Flash type: underwater;
Guide number: 12 m (ISO 100);
The number of lamps in one outbreak: 1;
Compatible cameras: universal flash;
More information about compatible cameras: digital;
Fastening: thread;
Recharge time: 4 c;
Rotation angles
Swivel head: no;
Angles of lighting
Wide-angle diffuser: yes;
Connector external synchronization: yes;
The number of alarms from one set of batteries: 200;
Battery type: AA;
Number of the battery: 2;
Additional information
Dimensions: 111x65x91 mm;
Weight: 280g;
Packing list: two alkaline 2ND battery AA, ,screw for fastening, silicone sealant, O-ring, diffuser;
Features: light beam angle: 70 deg x 55 degrees; color temperature: 5,600 Kelvin (full power) /5300 Kelvin (with diffuser); depth: 60m / 200 ft; distance automatic mode: 1.5 ~ 4.3 m (onshore); over-pressure safety valve;
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