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Hitachi CG31EBS(NB)

Estimated price for Hitachi CG31EBS(NB) - 207.81€ - 237.3
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Hitachi CG31EBS(NB) Rating: 3.6
Number of votes: 14
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Technical specs and features

General characteristics
Type: trimmer;
Mulching: no;
Engine type: gasoline, two-stroke;
Power: 1.47 PS;
The location of the engine: top;
Working volume: 31 CC;
Fuel tank: on 0.67 l;
Pen: foldable with adjustable height;
Rod: direct;
Anti-vibration system: yes;
Wheels: no;
Additional information
Equipment: shoulder strap, reel, a disk/knife;
Weight: 6.4 kg;
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