Gorenje T900W

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Technical characteristics and specifications

Technical characteristics
Power: 870 W;
Number of branches: 2;
The number of toasts: 2;
Control type: electronic;
Controls the degree of Browning: yes, smooth;
Unilateral roasting: no;
Cancel button: yes;
The defrost function: yes;
Heating function: yes;
Thermoisolated housing: yes;
Automatic centring of toast: no;
"Extra-climbing" toasts: yes;
Automatic lift toast: no;
Grill for heating rolls: no;
Tray for crumbs: yes;
Housing material: plastic;
Lighting controls: yes;
Power cord length: 90 cm;
Dimensions (HxWxD): 18x17 cm;
Weight: 1.3 kg;
Additional information: 6 degree of roasting, led indication;
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