HQT TH-369

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Technical specifications and characteristics

Standard: VHF/UHF;
Frequency range: 136-174 MHz, 400-470 MHz;
The settings of the receiver/transmitter
Transmit power: 5 W;
Switching the transmitter power: yes;
Type of modulation: FM;
Sensitivity: 0.12 UV;
Number of channels: 99;
Support to encode: CTCSS, DCS,;
FM radio: yes;
Voice activation via a headset (VOX): yes;
Function click to talk (PTT): yes;
Quick setup on the emergency channel: yes;
Keypad lock: yes;
Antenna: removable;
Information display: display with backlight;
Number of batteries: 1;
Format: your own;
Battery type: Li-Ion;
Battery capacity: 1500 mAh;
The charger connection: yes;
Power loudspeaker: 700 mW;
Headset connection: yes;
The number of radios included: 1;
Charger: yes;
Charging stand: yes;
Headset: yes;
Batteries: yes;
Clip: yes;
Dimensions (Shvat): 56x100x35 mm;
Weight: 210 g;
Operating temperature: -25 - 55 C;
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