Hammer drill

Hilti TE 16-C

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Hilti TE 16-C Rating: 4.5
Number of votes: 53
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Tech characteristics and specs

General characteristics
Fastening type Bura: SDS-Plus;
Number of speeds of working: 1;
Power consumption: 800 W;
Max. the idle speed: 750 rpm;
Max. the number of beats per minute: 4080 BPM;
Max. impact energy: 3.2 J.;
Food: from the network;
Keyless Chuck included: yes;
Features and capabilities
Operation modes: drilling with blow, slotting;
Additional information
Fixtures: auxiliary handle, depth gauge;
The carrying case included: yes;
Power cable length: 4 m;
Weight: 3.85 kg;
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Hilti TE 16-C reviews, Hilti TE 16-C price, Hilti TE 16-C specs, Hilti TE 16-C specifications, Hilti TE 16-C buy, Hilti TE 16-C features, Hilti TE 16-C Hammer drill 
  • perforator 800 watt
  • Chuck SDS-Plus
  • Keyless Chuck included
  • weight 3.85 kg
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  • Chuck SDS-Plus
  • reverse
  • diameter of drilling of concrete up to 25 mm
  • weight 3.95 kg
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  • hammer drill with a capacity of 650 W
  • Chuck SDS-Plus
  • reverse
  • diameter of drilling in wood up to 20 mm
  • diameter of drilling bricks up to 24 mm
  • diameter of drilling in metal up to 13 mm
  • diameter of drilling in concrete up to 24 mm

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  • diameter of drilling in concrete up to 24 mm
  • weight 2.9 kg
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