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Main characteristics
Type tripod: tripod floor;
Purpose: for photo and video cameras;
Height shooting: to 149.5 cm;
Maximum height of shooting (without a Central rod): 117 cm;
Maximum load: 2 kg;
Length (folded): 57.5 cm;
Head: in included;
Replaceable Playground: yes;
Weight: 1.07 kg;
Shooting in vertical format: yes;
Number of sections rod: 3;
Rod diameter: 20 mm;
Tips supports: rubber;
Material: aluminum alloy;
Color possibilities: silver;
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  • outdoor tripod
  • maximum height of 145 cm
  • built-in level
  • load up to 5 kg
  • weight: 1.7 kg
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  • maximum height-178 cm
  • 3D head (detachable)
  • load up to 6 kg
  • weight: 3.3 kg
SLIK SDV-10 monopod, SLIK SDV-10 tripod, SLIK SDV-10 specs, SLIK SDV-10 reviews, SLIK SDV-10 specifications, SLIK SDV-10 
  • outdoor tripod
  • for photo and video cameras
  • maximum height of 149.5 cm
  • 3D head
  • load up to 2 kg
  • weight: 1.07 kg

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  • for cameras
  • maximum height of 1.455 cm
  • 3D head (detachable)
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Brief specs
  • outdoor tripod
  • for cameras
  • maximum height is 173 cm
  • 3D head (detachable)
  • built-in level
  • load up to 4 kg
  • weight: 1.86 kg
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